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My experience of witnessing the true spirit of little hearts

January 9, 2018 | Contributed by Mr Vinu Cherian

“We make a living by what we get
We make a life by what we give” – Wintson S. Churchill

It is that time of the year where we celebrate with our friends and family by thanking the year that went by and welcome the beautiful New Year. I generally spend this time planning the next year ahead for my organisation, mapping the next year for my family and myself. However, this time it was different, this year, we at Sennheiser wanted to give back to the society and spread the love we got from our consumers.

As I woke up to check my daily schedule and meetings that were lined up for the day, I looked ahead for a special meeting. The meeting was special since I was to have an interaction with little children, an interaction that indeed was the most fulfilling one. I met Vaishnavi, Love and Vinni three kids at Max Hospital, Saket. All these three children come from under-privileged backgrounds, who have challenging (life-threatening) stories to share and yet showcase exemplary strength.

These little souls were children who were being supported by Genesis Foundation. And even though struggling with heart disorders at such a young age, they had radiant smiles which was both warm and welcoming. Each child I met had a hole in the heart, but that hole couldn’t dampen their spirit- the spirit to fight for life. It was indeed the best closure to the year since we were to embark on a journey with Genesis Foundation to save these little hearts and give them a chance to lead a healthy and happy life.

Corporate Social Responsibility- a duty that rests with each corporate

I recently got to know about Genesis Foundation, an NGO that is known to save lives of under-privileged children who have heart disorders. Seeing the magnitude of good work done by Genesis Foundation, we decided to participate in a fund-raiser organised by them, contributing towards the cause of saving lives. However, we wanted to do more, give more and get involved with Genesis Foundation through a deeper association. Thus, our decision to drive our CSR funds towards saving lives of little children.

Being able to see a direct impact, being able to meet children we have been able to save and seeing them go back in to their homes with a beating healthy heart is indeed an incredible experience. Seeing these children smile despite all they have been through is an unmatched feeling and we urge other individuals/companies to come forward and do their bit to help these children.

Genesis Foundation till date has saved more than 1400 children. We at Sennheiser have always embarked on the journey of connecting people to happiness, be it through music or through our initiatives. From volunteers to donors to music lovers, this platform truly brings together people from all spheres of life for a compelling cause. We continue to pledge our support toward Genesis Foundation and wish them all the luck going forward. One smile, can change how you look at life and your little effort can truly give a beating heart a chance to beat stronger and longer #SaveLittleHearts”.

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