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Window to an unknown world

February 8, 2019 | Contributed by Neha Tripathi

A daily life, by blessings of the supreme power that’s full of humdrum, a busy home, a running kitchen, children’s routines, responsibility of the elders and an exciting set of friends is what made up my daily routine. I was happy and felt blessed and had an opinion, like perhaps most people do about the general welfare of the underprivileged in our country.

It’s been almost five months since I started working at Genesis Foundation. For me, it’s a window into a world that I had never seen and I guess at some subconscious level stayed away because I felt it was scary and uncomfortable.

It’s not nice seeing misery, poverty, suffering and definitely not little ones, children who are critically ill and walking a tightrope with their own lives… so, some of us protect ourselves and stay away. We know it, we’re aware but we’re scared of coming face-to-face with the reality. I shudder to think what would happen if all people thought the way I did. India, I truly believe is a country that survives the chaos because of individuals. Individuals who have chosen to make a difference in whatever way they can, to keep it together, to be better. Every little drop in this large ocean counts…

I have never written a blog before and I felt a need to do it now, because the last few months have made a serious impact on me, my thought process and in my general being.

Here’s a few things I have been able to take away in just a few months of working at an NGO that support the lives of little ones who suffer from a life threatening disease since birth, called congenital heart defects.

Believe, working in this space has taught me to truly believe, trust the process. To truly have faith that even the smallest step forward is in the right direction, it’s forward… it makes a difference.

Health first, there is nothing more important. Without this, there can be nothing. How is a child going to be educated if they aren’t well enough? How will they be able to see through the rest of their lives if his/her health is not okay.

Mind, it’s all in the head – sometimes we wonder, we want to help but don’t know how. Take that step! There are no restrictions in this space. Whether it’s gifting a lesser privileged on the street with some food, or donating even the cost of one coffee. It goes towards a family whose children are suffering.

Positivity, amidst the rustling and bustling, chaos and total disorder there is a beaming light of goodness everywhere we look. The suffering child still wears a smile on his/her face. Attach yourself to positivity. Find a solution, instead of focusing on th

You know how we can find the essence of humanity in such situations? To bring out the power in people – humans for humans. As much as we receive, the true selfless joy remains in giving. It comes with a bit of an addictive quality which I am looking forward to. It’s a heady experience to be held in a warm hug not because you bust the targets or won a new client, but because you were part of a team that saved the life of a child. Wow. Going to sleep with that thought makes me feel feather light. This child would not have made it, a family would have lost the most important piece of their puzzle if not for the timely and financial support.

The people in the CSR space are also way more human and warm…I say this at the risk of sounding ungrateful to the corporate industry where I have been nurtured for many years. It’s just lovely to meet colleagues from the industry who are impacting lives at the grass root level. Warm smiles, hugs, real numbers and an impact is what matters!

The window has opened to a little world of truly making a difference – a world that was new to me but now fills my soul with a warm fuzzy feeling of being part of something bigger.

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