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Where Love Know No Bounds- A Chapter from the Journal of an Uncle

May 22, 2024 | Contributed by Preeti Kumar

“Faith is unseen but felt, faith is strength when we feel we have none, faith is hope when all seems lost.” — Catherine Pulsifer

This is the story of a little girl and her family who fought will all they had to defeat her congenital heart defect. A story of faith, hope and determination. Little Anam (name changed) was only a few months old when her parents realised that her struggle with feeding was not something regular. At the same time, they noticed a bluish discoloration on her and got worried. At the first meeting with the local doctor, they were sent to a hospital where their little daughter was diagnosed with a Transposition of the Great Arteries combined with a Ventricular Septal Defect and Pulmonary Stenosis.  She needed an immediate intervention for her to be able to live.

In one second their world collapsed- not only they could not come to terms with the medical diagnosis but the thought of getting her treated and the financial implications involved threw them into a spin. The parents started asking relatives for financial help and looking for organisations that provide free heart surgery for poor in India. Unfortunately, all doors they knocked on remained closed.

The parents went through a very difficult time, they did not want to lose their child and yet felt frustrated at not being able to get the support for treatment. It was one of the worst phases of their life. It was at this time that Anam’s maternal uncle and aunt stepped in to take charge and be the pillar of strength for her parents.

Finally a Rainbow

Anam’s uncle continued to look for ways he could organise funds for her treatment. It was then that he heard of a screening camp being organised in Bathinda. The camp was being organised by Paras Hospitals and Genesis Foundation, a children’s heart foundation India to screen and support the lesser privileged children. He at once decided to take Anam there. The mother dealing with her own health issues could not travel so the uncle and aunt took over and got her to the camp. On screening, her diagnosis was confirmed, and they were asked to bring her to the hospital at the earliest. The words that the financial cost of the treatment will be taken care of was something that could not believe! Their prayers had finally been answered.

Children attending our screening camps are screened for a congenital heart defect

Anam was treated and operated upon using the REV procedure, a gold standard when new surgical options are considered for this complex form of transpositions/malpositions of the great arteries. However, not many such procedures have been undertaken in India. Anam healed well and with tears in their eyes the uncle and aunt took their healed heart home.

The celebrations had only just begun when Anam developed an infection. We remained in constant touch with the doctors and diagnosed that the condition was not related to her congenital heart defect. But Anam was our baby, we wanted to ensure that she got okay. Those few days at the hospital were worrisome for all of us, we all prayed for her recovery and healing. Once she was treated, the family came back to meet the pediatric cardiology team at Paras to reassure themselves that all was well with her heart.

The family went home smiling and relieved. She continues to make progress every day. Anam for us was a fighter- the little baby fought with all her might with all the challenging conditions that came her way- only to get her chance at life.

Her family truly epitomises the meaning of unwavering faith and resilience to keep their baby going, from getting her diagnosis to finding a child heart foundation India to taking her yet again to hospitals to treat her other infection, they symbolise the power of true love and strength.

We were able to support Anab’s treatment, we were able to give her a second chance at life. Unfortunately there are many other children like Anam waiting for that chance, there are many other families like Anam’s waiting for that support to keep their child alive.

Hel us give that support. Help us give life a chance.

To donate for free heart surgery for poor in India visit www.genesis-foundation/donate

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