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Visiting a Brave Little Heart

April 14, 2023 | Contributed by Richa Sinha

Meeting this 2 years brave heart made me feel really happy and satisfied.

As part of my work at the Foundation, I regularly get the opportunity to meet the children we support. Some of these children have mild defects and get treated with a device closure while some of these babies who come in have critical defects which need surgical interventions.

What comes through all these visits is the look of victory and celebration on the faces of their parents and tears of gratitude where they feel lucky to have been able to get the support to treat their child. We in turn are able to help these families through corporate donations to non -profits that we receive from our donors.

The parents felt extremely grateful to have been able to treat their child

Recently I had the chance to meet a 2.2-year-old boy from Uttar Pradesh. He was suffering from Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) and a Ventricular Septal Defect. TOF is a critical heart defect where 4 related heart defects occur together. This is a critical condition for which the child needs to be treated to be able to survive. The treatment or this is expensive and the parents would not have been able to get their child treated.

Visiting a child at a hospital fills me with a sense of gratitude

After his surgery I visited the hospital to see him. It was very pleasing to see him completely recovered from this fatal disease. When I entered the ward, he was lying on the bed and talking to his parents. He was looking so happy and cheerful. The very sight of this made me feel content and happy and I was full of compassion towards this 2-year-old very cute child. I talked to him for a while. He responded so well and was excited to go home. The parents too were happy, satisfied and felt really lucky to have found a children’s charity that could support the surgery. Without this support they would have been unable to treat their child. The parents were so happy, blessed and thanked us for the support.

I feel blessed to be part of Genesis Foundation who is working continuously towards saving these little hearts. We are constantly working to ensure that children in need of medical intervention get the treatment no matter what. For this we are dependent on corporate donations to non-profits that we receive from our partners.

Every visit to a hospital fills me with a range of emotions –gratitude and satisfaction to have been able to help a child, blessed for the things that we take for granted in our lives, and a sense of motivation to keep doing my bit to help as many children as possible. Working for a children’s charity that is giving life a chance to so many children is one of the most satisfying experiences for me.

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