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My Experience of Volunteering for an NGO in Haryana

November 29, 2023 | Contributed by Samha Alfaaiz and Rishita Khanna

Being a volunteer has always been a heartwarming experience for us. we started volunteering with Genesis Foundation a few months ago when one of us were looking for an “NGO near me”. We came across this organisation and coincidentally one of our team members at Impact Go had interned with them as well. We have been regularly writing for the Foundation and it gives us immense peace knowing that we are doing something fruitful for humanity.


Our first volunteering experience has been quite pleasant. Despite our initial plan of volunteering with an NGO to do some field work, online volunteering by writing for the Foundation has also been a very fulfilling experience. It helps one likeminded people and achieve  harmony with the world.

Through our volunteering, we got to know about congenital heart defects and the work that Genesis Foundation is doing. Through Impact Connect, we discovered their noble cause, filling us with gratitude and happiness to know that once more, people DO care.


Volunteering with Gensis Foundation we have researched on congenital heart defects (CHDs), their impact on lesser privileged families and the different ways to treat these including heart hole treatment without surgery. CHD is a major disease, one that can adversely impact the lives of many children, if not diagnosed and treated on time. The fact that they’re working to tackle this problem really puts us at ease and fills us with an urge to assist them in any way possible. We really hope to do so further.

The Foundation partners with approximately 38 hospitals all over India, to fulfill their mission and support as many children as possible, never compromising on quality of care. Most of these hospitals have a full time dedicated Pediatric Cardiologist and Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon, who only handle Pediatric cases. The stories of the some of the families we have had the opportunity to come across are a testimony to the fact that with a good shared intention, the lives of many children can be saved.

Volunteering is often underrated, yet those who genuinely care and demonstrate empathy recognize its profound significance. However, engaging in volunteer work, particularly from another country, presents its own set of challenges. This is especially true for individuals like us.

As high school students, we find immense joy in contributing to a good cause. We can utilize our Content Writing skills to write articles for the Foundation. We get a sense of achievement and pride when we see our work getting recognized and published.

Contribution to an NGO can seem to be difficult, but the rewards are impeccable. Smiles, relief and peace are the source of solace and fuel for us to keep working harder, and to protect these precious smiles. They leave an impression for eternity, sparking love in hearts, and encouraging people to step up and change.

It is inspiring how Genesis Foundation is facilitating congenital heart defects (CHD) treatment for underprivileged kids. These include both surgeries and heart hole treatment without surgery. Not only do they support the treatment but they also have been working with hospital partners to ensure that children living in remote areas are diagnosed. This they do through their awareness initiatives and screening camps.

We have been lucky to volunteer with this Foundation and not only do we volunteer our time but also get to learn a lot from the team. It has been a great experience working with them and we look forward to continue with them. There are many ways that each one of you can be a part of their mission to Save Little Hearts. You can support a child or volunteer your time with them.

To find out about volunteering opportunities write to [email protected]

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