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KRBF: A Trip Down The Past Decade

March 2, 2020

The Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival, organized by Genesis Foundation, was started in 2012. This fundraising event in Kasauli is seeing 9th edition this year. Over this past decade, we have had a number of renowned artists perform at our festival, each of a different style and genre. So, here we are to sum up the past decade with a list of the top 10 most memorable performances we’ve had at KRBF and hopefully convince you that this is the place to be this Easter weekend.
1) Parikrama – 2012

Starting with the first ever edition, Parikrama set the stage on fire with their sensational music, and stage presence. The ever so popular Parikrama has been the public eye for years and years and each performance of theirs doesn’t disappoint. They are revolutionaries in their collaboration of Classic Rock music and Indian instruments, and this formula has kept them going for all these years. Even after having Iron Maiden attend their concert, they remain humble and continue creating great music for us.

2) The Raghu Dixit Project – 2013

After starting the first edition with a bang, we had a reputation to maintain. Here came along The Raghu Dixit Project. Raghu’s music is inspired by ethnic music from all around India and his unique compositions made sure to keep the audience engaged throughout. His collaborations with India’s finest musicians have kept everyone on their toes for what was coming next. Their music embodies the feeling of joy and can get anyone and everyone up on their feet.

3) Indus Creed– 2014

Indus Creed is a classic for anyone venturing into Indian bands. The band, which started out as a cover band, have made a name for themselves in India, and also across the globe. They were one of the first Indian artists to tour abroad, and rightfully so. Their unique sound, while still keeping in touch with their roots, is what given them the fame they deserve. Inspired by sounds of Van Halen, Rush, and Deep Purple, their music still stays relevant to this day. They are revolutionaries in the Rock music scene in India, and to celebrate this legacy we invited them over to KRBF for posterity.

4) Sonam Kalra – 2015

In this edition, it was time for a change. Straying away from rock music, we needed some cultural relevance to our music, and we found our perfect candidate. Sonam Kalra is a multiple award-winning musician, trained in both Western and Indian Classical music. She started the “Sonam Karla & The Sufi Gospel Project” which, as the name suggests, uses elements from both Sufism and Gospel music to create a beautiful blend of the many voices of faith. She propagates the idea of Peace and Oneness, a faith that we at GF believe in too, and we wanted to spread this message further.

5) The Local Train – 2016

Now comes an all-time favourite, The Local Train. Very popular amongst the youth of India, they have remained relevant for over a decade now. They bring the romanticism of Urdu with the soulfulness of Hindi and present this warm blend, while using raw, honest lyrics that resonate with the youth. They are inspired by the sounds of Porcupine Tree, Nirvana, Aerosmith, to Lucky Ali, Indian Ocean, and even Alt-J. What they bring to the stage is not only their amazing music, but also incredibly stage presence which ensures no one, of any age, would get bored of watching them.

6) Usha Uthup – 2017

2017 proved to be a sensational year for us. We invited an artist that requires no introduction. A woman of great versatility, and an icon, we were proud to announce Usha Uthup would be joining us in this edition. For over 44 years, she has been spreading a message of love and unity through her music. Her music and talent know no boundaries, since she’s a pioneer in Indian music while also dabbling in Western songs while still being in a saree and with flowers in her hair. Her concerts remain unparalleled as she is the only one who can make magic happen with just her voice.

7) Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café – 2017

In our list of artists that provide us with the cultural touch we need, they would definitely be one of the top 3. Neeraj Arya’s Kabir Café are inspired by verses of Kabir, the great poet. Using poems from centuries ago and making them relevant to today’s time is what this band achieved. Their music helps people to search for their aim and purpose in life and remains thoroughly profound while still being entertaining. They maintain the integrity of the lyrics while successfully making the music easy to listen to.

8) Parvaaz – 2018

Another fan favourite, here is Parvaaz. A band rooted in rock music that traverses into folk, blue, and even psychedelia. Their music creates an ambient sound that seems familiar yet unique. Having them at KRBF proved to be quite a hit as their music was loved by one and all.

9) Unplugged – 2018

This band from Delhi proved to be quite the showstopper at KRBF. Other than being absolute heartthrobs, these talented musicians put up quite the show. They draw inspirations from rock, folk, and country music, and blends it with Bollywood music which helps them cater to a larger audience and engage even the little ones that were attending the festival. Their performances are always something to look out for.

10) Thaikkudam Bridge – 2019

And last, but not the least, we take a walk into the very south of India. From Kerala comes Thaikkudam Bridge, a band that consists of a colossal 15-member ensemble that brings to you the homely feeling of folk and classical music of India with the dynamic sounds of progressive, pop, and electronic music. The versatility of the band lies in the array of musicians that each bring a unique element to the stage. Their live performances are truly an experience that make you travel down the narrow lanes of true India while still being global in nature.

Introducing the 2020 Line-Up!

Maalavika Manoj a.k.a Mali

She is a Mumbai based singer/songwriter. Her music uses a combination of the styles of The Carpenters, Fleetwood Mac, and alike and the electro-pop style of the 80s, 90s, and onwards. Her unique style is one that cannot be found anywhere else.


They are a Delhi based Sufi-Rock band who’ve been featured in various reputed media sources. Their stage presence guarantees a truly captivating experience.

Tochi Raina

Kabira, Saibo, and Iktara are some songs that you’ve definitely heard of. And the genius behind those songs is none other than Tochi Raina. Be sure to witness this icon in person!

Big Bang Blues

They are a 6-piece-band that, as their name suggests, come in with a big bang. Their music is influenced by the evergreen blues rock and 60s-70s Rock n Roll era. The experience they have gained from performing across various reputed arenas is reflected in their truly entertaining performances.


Bollyjazz is a band like one you’ve never seen before. They perform popular Bollywood songs combines with Jazz stylings. Their setlist is carefully crafted to ensure maximum audience satisfaction.

Dr Muktesh Chander

He is a senior Indian Police Service Office, currently posted as a Special Police Commissioner in Delhi. He plays the flute and has recorded three CDs of popular Bollywood song covers.

Twin Strings

They are a music-based start-up by the twins, Sagar and Sahil. They are known for their renditions of popular songs. They have collaborated with numerous artists, and the prestigious Indian Army as well.

And thus, concludes our trip down memory lane! We hope this encourages you to join us in this year’s fundraising event in Kasauli, The Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival 2020! You can book tickets on

– Contributed by Ananya Ravi

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