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Battling a deadly second wave of Covid-19 in India and its impact

May 7, 2021 | Contributed by Monisa Nadeem

Dreaming of moving towards normalcy, the sudden jolt of the second wave of Covid-19 in India has disrupted our lives once again, as we are going through the most difficult moment in the pandemic thus far. Daily COVID-19 cases are continuing to set record highs, with hospitals that are stretched to maximum capacity as the number of patients keeps increasing. As the virus has become more efficient in transmission, so have its variants grown. While some have been lucky to win the battle against the virus, several others are facing devastating consequences as they lose a loved one/s.

Being in the space of healthcare and a foundation dealing with heart disorders, our beneficiaries and their families are feeling the devastating impact, too. Since March this year, we are back to only emergency cases as elective cases have stopped. The pediatric cardiology departments at many of our partner hospitals have been affected by the pandemic in terms of capacity and capability amidst the wreaked havoc of this pandemic.

In fact, from previously having 25 partner hospitals on-board with us, we currently have only 15 that are taking such emergency cases of Congenital Heart Defects due to the second wave.

There is no stereotype of who this virus can affect due to  the current crisis of lack of hospital beds and oxygen which poses a threat to the public regardless of social strata, everyone is feeling a sense of fear.

For children who suffer from Congenital Heart Defects, times have become even tougher as they have to be watchful and stay safe during this pandemic and timely treatment is being postponed. We are doing our best to address the needs of ones who need urgent care with our partners for whom we are eternally grateful to.

The last few weeks have been of great anxiety to us individually and as an organisation as well, since two of our team-members have also tested positive. Currently they’re resting and spending time with their families moving towards recovery, as we pray for their well-being.

As a foundation dealing with heart disorders, fundraising is getting tough with most CSR partners now tying up for Covid-relief and rightly so, our country needs every ounce of help it can get.To rise up to these challenges, we are looking at creative ways to find the right solution by experimenting with awareness films, getting the community to fundraise together through virtual concerts, like we did with Shillong Chamber Choir for Christmas, where we raised enough funds to save one child with CHD. Going ahead we’re looking at leveraging technology to continue to Save Little Hearts and perhaps it might offeropportunities to build new alliances between NGOs and between sectors in the long run.

We are really hopeful that the situation will turn around for our country soon, as we get through this tough time. Covid has changed our lives, putting us all to different degrees of the test, but we shall overcome it together. With the ongoing vaccine drive in place, and a laudable workforce of doctors, nurses, and health workers who’re working round the clock, they’re the real heroes leading this fight, along with volunteers, NGO’s and social workers.

With every citizen of the country trying to help the other, there’s light at the end of the tunnel.

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