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A first-hand experience of visiting children with heart defects: Mr V Vaidyanathan

July 30, 2018 | Contributed by Kriti Makhija

Mr V Vaidyanathan is one of Genesis Foundation’s long-time supporters- apart from performing at our CEO Sing for a Cause events, he has been a financial supporter as well since many years. He made a surprise visit to SRCC Children’s hospital on the morning of the CEOs Sing Mumbai event (on 30th June 2018), to review our work first-hand.

He spent over an hour interacting with the staff from Genesis Foundation and inspected the facilities provided to the recipient of the donations. He also enquired of Mr. Rakesh Wankhede (the father of the child) about his profession, family income, how he came to know of the heart issue of the child, what was the process followed by Genesis in assisting him. He then visited the child – Manthan Wankhede being treated at the hospital.

Mr. Wankhede explained that he was working as a house-keeping staff and has a monthly income of Rs 8500. He said his child was not able to breathe properly and a volunteer explained about hole in the heart of the child. “We can’t afford Rs 2 lacs for the surgery,” he explained. His wife said the child was often becoming blue in colour but after the surgery the child is fine.

Following is the excerpts of the conversation we had with him after the visit:

Kriti: Thank you for coming in this morning. You have been a great support to Genesis Foundation. How has your experience been meeting little Wankhede?

Mr. Vaidyanathan: After seeing the dedication and commitment of the entire GF staff and the hospitals and doctors associated with them today, that I have truly come to appreciate your work much more than before.

Kriti: From being at our events now you are contributing towards some children’s surgeries.

Mr Vaidyanathan: No, while we may have the resources, it is only via organizations like Genesis Foundation that we can channel these resources into paths where they are needed the most. The treatment of critically ill children from underprivileged backgrounds is absolutely necessary and I appreciate all of you.

Kriti: What is the role you see Genesis doing here?

Mr Vaidyanathan: A poor person’s child is as important to him as would be the child of privileged person, and what I saw today was Genesis Foundation is enabling a child from an underprivileged background get the same access to best possible pediatric cardiac care as any other well-to-do kid. This hospital looks very neat and clean.

Kriti: What is your message for the staff?

Mr Vaidyanathan: No message in particular. I’ve left my comments in the register. Just I am incredibly impressed with the commitment and energy that Genesis Foundation staff is showing to its work. The team is so motivated. Keep up your work on the treatment of critically ill children.

They deserve it.

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