The backbone of our Foundation

Our Medical Board comprises of doctors who are pioneers in the field of Pediatric Cardiology from India and abroad. Supporting us with their constant guidance, the Foundation consults them on various matters, including but not limited to beneficiary cases, research in our field, and new technological advancements in treatment options for pediatric cardiology.

Incorporating their valuable feedback, the Foundation conducts regular discussions as we strive for greater development in this field. We also share Annual Reports and other such important documents, to ensure doctors on our medical board are up-to-date with our work.


Medical Board Commitments to Genesis Foundation

Advise Us

To provide us with valuable counsel on new areas of treatment or hospitals

Support Us

To share the latest data available on pediatric cardiology in India and globally

Genesis Foundation Commitments to Medical Board


To provide annual reports on time consolidating the Foundation’s work


To regularly discuss the observations made by Medical Board members