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Our Nurses Our Future: Celebrating International Nurses Day

May 11, 2024 | Contributed by Rwicha Basumatary

In the healthcare sector, nurses are the silent threads that hold everything together. They are the unsung heroes, the guardians of compassion, and the embodiment of resilience. Day in and day out, they navigate through the emotions, tirelessly serving those in need with unwavering dedication and grace.

Nurses are a critical link in the healthcare chain

May 12 every year is celebrated as the International Nurses Day to honor and celebrate this essential backbone of the healthcare system. This year the theme Our Nurses, Our Future seeks to put the spotlight on investing in nursing to bring about greater societal and economic impact.

Working for a children’s heart foundation India I have often had the opportunity to interact with many nurses who work with the children we support.  The work they do extends far beyond the confines of a medical framework and hospital room. They do not just administer medication and keep a tab on essential parameters, they do not just heal our wounds but also heal our hearts.  Nurses are the soothing voice in the darkness, the reassuring presence in times of uncertainty. Historically the word nurse has been synonymous with healing, care, love and comfort. In tough times when we are not feeling well, are in pain their smiling and confident faces instantly makes one easy and comfortable. Since we provide financial support for free heart surgery for poor in India, many of the families we work with do not understand the condition and the treatment involved in it’s entirety. It is the nurses who take care of these children that explain in detail the condition of the child, the treatment that the child is going through and the aftercare that needs to be taken.  For many of our children who undergo a critical surgery and hence have to spend time in the ICU, it is these nurses that step into the shoes of the mothers of these little babies, calming their anxious hearts and soothing them and playing an integral role in saving little hearts.

Their ever smiling faces are a big source of strength

But behind their every smiling face and the scenes lies a reality often overlooked—the heavy burden they carry, the sacrifices they make, and the toll it takes on their well-being. Their days are usually long and often filled with multiple demands. Somedays they are battling with a child in a critical condition and somedays bidding farewell to a smiling kid who has healed and is raring to chase his dreams. From dawn till dusk, they juggle multiple responsibilities with precision and poise, all while battling exhaustion and the weight of responsibility. Many nurses often work long hours and have long shifts. Balancing these hours while managing their families and children becomes quite demanding.

Each day presents new challenges, new faces, and new stories. They witness joy and sorrow equally, celebrating victories and mourning losses with equal empathy. Yet, they persevere with boundless compassion and an unwavering commitment to their calling.

WE salute and honour our nurses

Nurses have always worked patiently and silently. Behind their calm and positive faces, it is difficult to imagine the personal battles many of them have to fight. Despite being a critical link in the health care chain, they continue to face economic and social challenges.

Their impact transcends the boundaries of medicine, leaving an indelible mark on the lives they touch. To the nurse who held a trembling hand, you are a beacon of hope in a sea of despair. To the nurse who offered a comforting embrace, you are a lifeline in moments of darkness. To the nurse who tirelessly advocated for their patients, you are a voice of reason in a world fraught with uncertainty.

As we observe the International Nurses Day this year, let us take a moment to salute and honour these unsung heroes. As a children’s heart foundation India, we are grateful for the invaluable work and support they provide to our children and families. Without their contribution our children would not heal the way they do. On this day and every day, we salute them, and we honour them.

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