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Helping parents dream: One child at a time

March 5, 2018 | Contributed by Jyoti Sagar

As a baby pushes its way out into this world, and takes that first tentative cry, a million dreams take birth in the hearts of the parents. Small dreams of teaching their child how to throw a ball, of the first day of school, or perhaps of watching him/her tie their own shoelaces for the first time. But what if the only dream you have for your child is that they are able to just live to see another day?

This is often the plight of parents whose children are born with congenital heart defect. There are many in our country who are unable to access the healthcare that they so desperately require for their child due to a lack of financial resources. This was in fact Anshul’s family’s story, till they came to know of our work at Genesis Foundation. With the aid of Genesis’ CSR partner, WPP India CSR Foundation, Anshul was fortunate to get the surgery he so rightfully deserved, which allowed his parents to dream the dreams that other parents to do; of watching him grow up, and become a ‘bada aadmi.’ CSR partnerships play a crucial role in the work we do; raising money for critically ill children, making sure that the many families affected by CHD in turn have somebody to count on. But the thing is, there are still so many Anshul’s out there in this country, so many parents who must each day, close their eyes at night, and wish only that their child makes it past another day. Think now, of the best gift that you’ve given someone, think of the joy that you felt in giving, and the smile on the face of the person receiving your gift. Hold on to that warm glow that is coursing through your heart, and imagine now how it would feel to give someone the gift of life. Can you imagine a greater gift?

Heart treatment for critically ill children is the focus of our foundation’s work, and we work immensely hard to ensure that the heart (which is the hardest working muscle in the human body) has a chance to beat to its fullest potential. So, give with your hearts wide open, and know that a little heart somewhere is beating because of you. Let each child lead a life full of love, light and laughter unencumbered by troubles of heart (at least until they experience the angst of teen love).

Your giving heart ensures a living heart!

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