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Hearts Behind the Foundation: Roop Singh

February 19, 2021 | Contributed by Roop Singh

With a beneficiary’s family at Amrita Institute of Medical Science, Kerala.With the housekeeping team at Genesis BCW

“Life does not always give you what you want but if you look closely you will see that it gives you what you need for your growth.” Leon Brown

My association with Prema ma’am has been for over a decade now. But it was only in July, 2017, that I formally joined Genesis Foundation.

Coming from Mainpuri near Agra, I left home very early on to make something out of myself. In fact, being the eldest in my family, I came to Gurgaon to make a living and support my family, where I moved in with my Uncle.

Back in 2009, I joined Genesis BCW in the housekeeping department as a pantry boy. I was responsible for serving tea and coffee to Prema ma’am and all the other senior partners. I would usually sit in the accounts department with the finance team and their work sparked my interest. Coming to a big city like Gurgaon also taught me the value of education in one’s life, so side by side, I continued studying and earned the degree of B.Sc. in Botany, Zoology and Chemistry.

Interacting with a child post-surgery at Max Hospital, Saket.With Kriti Makhija and the Finance team at Genesis BCW

I have always been an observer and I continued to learn all about company billing from everyone in the Accounts department. It took a lot of courage for me to speak to Kriti ma’am who is the Chief Financial & Compliance officer at Genesis BCW about my interest in joining the Finance team. I will never forget how her and the rest of the team welcomed me with open arms and I joined the administration team in 2013 and began to learn the work.

From invoicing and estimates, to month-end financials and outstanding reconciliations, I learned everything hand-on from the team. It has been a long journey for me, being an individual who didn’t even know what is a Finance Department. Meanwhile, I also did a basic computer course to enhance my knowledge and tried picking up on the English language as well.

Right when I started settling in with my work at Genesis BCW, the billing team was shifted to the Mumbai office. With a young daughter and my wife at home, moving so far away from my family was a difficult decision and I chose not to do so. At that time, Prema ma’am gave me the opportunity to join Genesis Foundation and Kriti ma’am helped me in transitioning from Genesis BCW to the Foundation. I owe a lot to Kriti ma’am, who has been my mentor since the first day, always helping me to learn the work.

Interacting with a child post-surgery at Max Hospital, Saket.With Prema Sagar and the Genesis Foundation team (2018)

Every day at the Foundation has helped me develop new skills as my scope of work has broadened now with CSR, FCRA donations, Cashflow, Audit and Tax compliance etc. And every time I release the payment for a child to the respective hospital, it makes me feel good, even though I know I’m not directly helping the child, but still I’ve played a part in that child’s recovery. The same way a lot of people have played different roles in my life and I firmly believe that we don’t meet people by accident, they’re meant to cross our paths.

With the Genesis Foundation team at CEOs Sing Fundraiser (2019)

It’s often difficult to open up about one’s own journey, especially when it’s a shy person like me, but I’m extremely grateful for being a part of the Foundation and where I am today.

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