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Genesis Foundation’s Lifesaving Mission: Supporting Interventions to Save Little Hearts

June 24, 2024 | Contributed by Rwicha Basumatary

Genesis Foundation is committed to providing financial assistance to lesser privileged families whose monthly income is less than Rs 20,000. At this monthly income, most families struggle to meet their daily expenses.  Given an unfortunate condition where their child is born with a heart defect, the cost of hole in heart treatment, cardiac surgeries and other interventions is very high. There are limited options that support a free heart surgery for poor in India, and with no access to financial help, many children would not receive the lifesaving surgeries they need. Many families are pushed into a lifetime debt trap trying to save their child. The Foundation ensures that no child is denied critical medical care due to financial constraints. This support is not just about survival, it is about enabling children to thrive and live healthier lives.

Financial Assistance

The Foundation’s financial support is crucial in covering the high costs associated with pediatric cardiac surgeries. These surgeries, which are essential for the survival and well-being of children born with a congenital heart defect (CHD), can be financially devastating for families with less income. By reducing this financial burden, Genesis Foundation allows families to focus on their child’s recovery without the added stress of high medical bills.

Collaboration with Partner Hospitals

Genesis Foundation collaborates with partner hospitals to provide the best possible care for children with CHD. These hospitals, equipped with the best medical facilities and highly skilled healthcare professionals, ensure that each child receives quality medical interventions and treatments. The partnerships between Genesis Foundation and these hospitals are vital in delivering effective and timely medical care. There is are stringent criteria followed while partnering with hospitals to ensure that the quality of care given to children is never compromised.

Early Detection and Screening

In collaboration with partner hospitals, Genesis Foundation conducts screenings in rural areas to detect CHD at an early stage. Early diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment and better outcomes. These screening camps bring essential medical services to underserved communities, ensuring that children with CHD are identified and treated as early as possible. This approach significantly improves the chances of successful interventions and long-term health.

Long-term Monitoring and Impact

Beyond providing surgeries, Genesis Foundation emphasizes the long-term monitoring of children’s health. A holistic approach ensures that children not only survive but also thrive. Post-surgical care and continuous health monitoring are integral parts of the foundation’s mission. This addresses the child’s overall well-being, leading to better health outcomes and quality of life.

Volunteer Engagement

Volunteers play a vital role in the foundation’s mission through the Save Little Hearts campaign. These individuals help the foundation in various capacities, including creating vlogs and other content to raise awareness about CHDs. Their efforts in awareness contribute significantly to the foundation’s impact.

Transforming Lives

Genesis Foundation’s mission has transformed the lives of many children and their families. By supporting free heart surgery for poor in India  the Foundation has been help to help many families who are unable to afford expensive cardiac treatments. By providing generous support to them, the Foundation ensures that children receive the necessary medical care to overcome their heart conditions. The impact of this support is profound, as it not only saves lives but also improves the overall quality of life for the children and their families.

Spreading Awareness Through Social Media

Spreading awareness about the foundation’s work and the importance of CHD interventions is crucial. Genesis Foundation uses social media and personal networks to spread information among the masses. By sharing success stories and highlighting the need for early intervention, the Foundation builds a broader base of support for children with CHD.


Genesis Foundation’s mission- Save Little Hearts, exemplifies a dedicated effort to address a critical healthcare need. By providing financial support and partnership with hospitals, the Foundation plays an important role in giving children with congenital heart defects a chance at a healthier and happier life. The Foundation’s aim, from funding pediatric cardiac interventions to raising awareness and conducting screening camps, ensures that children with CHD receive the best possible care and support. Through the steady commitment of Genesis Foundation, many children have been given a chance to lead fulfilling lives, free from the problems of congenital heart defects.

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