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Bravehearts of the Foundation: Yash Mahakal

June 12, 2018

Seven-month-old Yash is the second child born to Jaideep and Samruddhi. He was brought to the cardiology evaluation unit due to the act that he was found to have difficulty in breathing as well as in taking feed. His weight gain was also poor, and he would cry continually. His pediatrician suspected a heart disease and hence referred the baby to Jupiter Hospital for an evaluation. The cardiology team examined Yash during one of their outreach OPDs at Dombivili, Maharashtra, where Dr Srinivasan L, performed an echocardiogram

It came as a huge shock for both the family and the referring pediatricians when the diagnosis was pronounced. Yash was found to have a very complex heart lesion by the name of Aorto-pulmonary window, also known as Type I Aorta Pulmonary Window, which one of the very complex heart disorders children face. In this condition there is a large communication between the two large blood vessels of the heart, because of which the oxygenated blood recirculates in the lungs. All the systems in the body will have to work over-time just to compensate for this wasted recirculation and this is what resulted in the poor growth.

Pulmonary hypertension, which means increased pressure within the lungs is a major complication that determines outcomes in such babies and will need urgent closure of the defect for any possible long term good results. Yash had another dreadful complication. His pumping function of the heart, what we call ejection fraction was just 30% and that put him into very high risk for immediate surgery.

The parents were not in a situation to understand the either the complexity of lesion, the urgency for operation or the risks involved. To complicate issues further, they had no money to fund such an expensive surgery, since Jaideep works as a peon in a private school his annual income itself stands at Rs 40,000 per annum. What saved the baby’s life was the firm determination of the family members to see their him survive no matter what the cost. They were ready to do anything to ensure that their child got the surgery he needed.

Yash was immediately started on medications in the hope that his pumping function will improve and simultaneously the arrangement for finances was started. Initially it was thought that the surgery could be performed with an AP window device closure; which means correcting the lesion without open heart operation, which significantly reduces the risk of the procedure for the baby in view of ventricular dysfunction (low pumping function). But miraculously the heart function showed an improving trend and responded to medications. At the time of admission, Yash had normal heart function and only needed urgent surgery to close the defect. The surgery was performed on 31st May at Jupiter hospital by Dr. Ashutosh Singh and his team.

The open-heart operation was performed to close the defect and baby had a good recovery after surgery. At present the child has been taken off major life supportive systems and medications and he is recovering on his own.

Genesis Foundation, where we fund surgeries for heart disorders children face, is glad to have been able to support Yash and his family through what would have undoubtedly been a stressful time and ensure that little Yash was able to have the surgery he so urgently required.

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