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Bravehearts of the Foundation: Priyansh

June 4, 2019 | Contributed by Simran Sagar

Little Priyansh seeks comfort in either the touch of his mother’s hand or his pacifier which he clutches to tightly with his gums. Only four months old, he was born to couple Pinku and Sandryarani from Rourkela, Odisha. Pinku, his father works further away in Chennai as a labourer to earn money with which he is able to support his new family.

Soon after delivery when mother and son were discharged, she noticed that Priyansh was not adjusting to taking her feed properly and was also breathing very rapidly. Naturally she panicked and took him to a local pediatrician whosuspected a heart disorder and referred the family to Jamshedpur for further investigation.

Without a doubt, Pinku and Sandryarani made their way to get their son checked and every day that Pinku was away from work he was losing out on his wages but there was nothing more important in that moment. After all tests were done, the results revealed that the little baby had supra cardiac total anomalous pulmonary venous connection, and needed urgent surgical intervention. In this particular congenital disorder the veins which bring back blood from the lungs do not connect to the left atrium as they are meant to. This in turn means that oxygen-rich blood does not come back from the lungs to the left atrium of the heart.

The couple were at a complete loss as the surgery cost was too high for them to bear. Pinku earns Rs 8000 per month and the estimated cost for the intervention was Rs 2.75 lakhs, an unimaginable amount for him to fork out. The medical options that were free of charge had long waiting lists and the criticality of their son’s health did not permit them the gift of time.

With sunken heads and the crippling emotion of sheer helplessness, the couple decided to return to their hometown.

As the days went by every minute was a struggle. The moments new couples experience of their little ones crossing milestones were farfetched for the couple as they had to watch their innocent little one battle something as simple as breathing. He was suffering from repeated infections too, which meant countless trips to the pediatrician. Pinku and Sandryarani decided to renew their efforts to get the required treatment and started asking family and friends in hope for a new reference. Finally, they were referred to KIMS Hospital in Hyderabad for surgery. Since the family were from a different state the surgery could not be done under the state sponsored health scheme. The doctors at KIMS Hospital, Secunderabad reached out to us at Genesis Foundation for raising money for critically ill children like Priyansh. We immediately committed to support this case and it was carried out on high priority.

Priyansh, as small as he is, portrayed qualities of a true little warrior as he made a remarkably quick recovery. His parents are satisfied beyond belief as their baby can now breathe and feeds effortlessly. They are full of gratitude to all those who have contributed in their own ways to make the recovery of their child possible.


If you know any families where the monthly income is Rs 10,000 or lesser and they are struggling with raising money for critically ill children who suffer from congenital heart disorders in India, please contact us.

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