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Better toegether: The Genesis Foundation and WPP India partnership

July 5, 2018 | Contributed by Aayushi Chaturvedi

A lot of us are afraid to visit a hospital. It always reminds us of our fear of the inevitable. But these same hospitals have a renewed meaning in the lives of young children as they survive through one the foremost causes of child mortality in India—Congenital Heart Disease. My recent visit to the Max Hospital was to interact with these young children, but I also came out having a renewed vigour towards an enriching project of saving little hearts with the Genesis Foundation.

We, at WPP India CSR Foundation, envision to create opportunities for the marginalised youth in India for both their education and livelihood. A lot of these children suffering from Congenital Heart Diseases drop out from schools or are not able to achieve their livelihoods. To prevent this from happening we consider Genesis Foundation our natural partner with whom we work tirelessly in saving critically ill children.

The work done by Genesis Foundation is commendable as they have supported at least one surgery a day in the year 2017 and now with their outreach spreading further, that number for this year has almost doubled. The passion and altruism shown by Genesis Foundation is something to look for in our scope of work, which is very inspiring for me, and I encourage everyone to donate to save critically ill children.

The journey isn’t so easy for these children. Congenital Heart disease continues to remain a major cause of child mortality in India. What baffles me is that it is treatable, but due to many of the social beliefs and fear, a lot of the children go without any treatment in their life. A lot more needs to be done to reach out and prevent these deaths which can be possible by conducting rigorous screening camps across India, which will go a long way in saving critically ill children like these. Every child should have a beating chance to survive and live a normal life.

There are many reasons such as travel, monetary cost, even being a girl that contribute towards children slipping out of our reach despite being screened positive for CHD.

These instances will make us feel upset, but there are stories of success, which should definitely encourage us to donate to save critically ill children. Two girls who are my champions and my motivation towards writing this blog are Vandana and Tani!

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