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A Difficult Date To Mark!

July 11, 2018 | Contributed by Priyal Guliani

And it definitely can be an awfully difficult one when the date marks itself as a “death anniversary” of your child.

Even though you don’t need a day to remind you how many years and days have gone past.

I contemplated it a zillion times whether or not to post something on the social media.

Contemplated because in the happy world of Facebooks and Insta, I don’t have a happy story to share and more importantly I don’t need sympathies or being felt sorry for, that is not my reason or purpose of sharing.

The words are never enough for you to cope up with your child’s loss. You have to fight your own battles to learn to deal with it. And in these 2 years, I have only done that. Therapy, support, work, family all come in handy but you have to pick your broken pieces yourself and learn to deal with it. You will never get over it but you definitely learn that you can laugh sometimes, you can be happy, you can indulge in shopping and holidays … the trauma never leaves you it is sitting behind you all times giving you a reality check!

The only reason I would even wish or make an attempt to share my thoughts and feelings in the big wide world is with the hope if it touches the heart of even one being to join us in our attempt to keep our daughter’s purpose alive to #savelittlehearts It would be worth baring it all.

I wish never should a parent be subject to fighting for their child’s life, but it does happen. It happens more often than you think and imagine.

And yes prayers and positivity are important, but the reality is finance is important too!

There is very little that is known about heart ailments in little heart.

Every 7 or 8th child in 1000 children born has a heart defect.

Time of diagnosis is very pertinent but almost 97% of them need an operation in the very first year of the birth.

In India, the cost of one surgery and surgery alone is anywhere between Rs 3-5 lakh not including post-op care, days in the ICU, medicines, follow up treatments etc.

Govt hospitals such as AIIMS have waitlist running into years.

You can imagine that in last 2 years The Aara Project alone managed to support 30 kids with their heart surgeries. Overall numbers are astounding.

Our daughter was with us for four months. She had come to us and chose us to carry her purpose forward. She does her magic every single day of our lives as our guardian angel. So many people have come forward to keep our daughter alive through The Aara Project and we see her living through every child we are able to support.

Every single penny collected through The Aara Project goes to #Savelittlehearts

If you wish to save another child’s life you can donate on the link below.

We have together been able to provide heart treatment for under privileged children, to read the story of every such kid we have been able to support and in whose heart our little Aara lives, click here.

May no one get to mark a day as a death anniversary of their child due to a lack of funds!
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