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The Story of Baby of Hajara

Born to Hajara and Sadath of the Kozhikode district in Kerala, this baby boy was the third child of the family. However, even before the parents could rejoice at his arrival, it was discovered that he faced a tough journey ahead of him because of his heart.
Symptoms of congenital heart disease were identified while it was still only his second day in this world. Read More

The Story of Vijitha

This 2-day old baby girl was born to parents Renjith Kumar and Vijitha in the district of Pattanamthitta on 29th August 2018. Second born to the couple, baby of Vijitha was diagnosed with congenital heart disease antenatally at the ninth month of the pregnancy, even before she was born.
During the mother’s pregnancy, the doctor at the local diagnostic center detected increase heart rate in fetus in a routine checkup. Read More

The Story of Deepa

A three-month-old baby boy was born in the district of Tirunelvelli, in Tamil Nadu on 13th April 2018, weighing only 2kg. He is the first born to the couple who were counting down to his arrival.

Their dreams of meeting their baby for the first time were shattered, when they were faced with seeing him struggle in ICU for three days due to poor weight gain and pre-term delivery. Read More

Kids Supported

Baby of Vijaylakshmi

Baby of Vijaylakshmi, only three months old was born in Andhra Pradesh. He was having severe narrowing of the Aortic Valve from the first day of his birth. A local doctor referred him to Madras Medical Mission where he underwent an Aortic Valvotomy, which involves opening of the Aortic Valve. Unfortunately, a few days later he developed an infection and was admitted into ICU. As days went on the infection did not reduce, so the doctors decided to operate on the child. He underwent an extremely complex surgery called Ross Procedure, where the aortic valve is removed and replaced by the pulmonary valve. The baby has been shifted to a ward now and is slowly moving in the direction of recovery. He is the only child to Srinivasan and Vijaylakshmi, and they were willing to go to any extent to seek for help to pay for their son’s surgery. He works as an auto driver and brings home Rs 5000 per month, with which it was impossible to put together the funds required for all medical costs.


Vishva, soon to turn two years old resides in Chennai with his father Suresh and mother Nandani. He is their only child, and was born in a government hospital in Chennai itself. After birth, doctors noticed that the child had breathing difficulty and suggested that the family take him to another hospital where the facility of conducting an Echo was available. Suresh and Nandani took Vishva for the prescribed Echo and the diagnosis was made to their dismay their newborn son was suffering from a congenital heart disorder – a complete AV Canal defect. In this particular ailment, there is a hole in between the upper chamber of the heart (an Atrial Septal Defect) and the lower chamber of the heart (a Ventricular Septal Defect) and there is a common valve in place of the Mitral and Tricuspid valve. It is a rare defect that usually tends to affect only 2 per 10000 children. The parents were counseled and told that surgery was the only measure to save their sons life. It is through surgery that both holes are closed and two separate valves are created using leaflets. However, both parents decided to continue with the medications prescribed and soon they realized that Visvha’s growth was being hindered. A family friend guided the parents to take him to Thirvullar Government Hospital, where doctors from Miot Hospital visit for some much needed guidance and help. They made their way with great difficulty as finances were tight and they were then told that with all their documents they needed to come to Miot Hospital, in Chennai. Suresh shared with the doctors that they were struggling financially and leading a difficult day-to-day life, the cost of surgery was surely one that they could not afford. The doctors contacted us at Genesis Foundation, and we committed ourselves in supporting this case as Suresh earns a humble Rs 6000 per month as a labourer. Vishva has been operated on since, and is recovering all thanks to the support you have shown and given towards our cause to Save Little Hearts.


Aradhana Jagtap, 4 years old from Mumbai, is suffering from Patent DuctusArteriosus (PDA), a congenital Heart Disorder which means that there is a hole between the Aorta and Pulmonary Artery. This needs closure through a device in the Cath Lab at Jupiter Hospital, in Mumbai. Aradhana’s father Raju and mother Salomi, are both laborers in a fish market. Their joined income is Rs 600 withwhich they support their three children and themselves. They naturally need financial support to meet the medical costs required for their daughter’s treatment.


Golu, four years from Mathura, is suffering from a heart disorder called Patent Ductus Arteriosus, which has resulted to a hole in between the descending Aorta and Pulmonary Artery. It can only be closed with a device in a Cath Lab, in this case at Apollo Hospital, Delhi. His mother Machhala Devi, is a labourer and earns Rs 3000 per month with which she has to support four children and her husband who is physically challenged and cannot work. It is a struggle for the family, every single day. Taking on the financial burden of a surgery has weighed down Machhala Devi who is now so grateful that we at Genesis Foundation are able to take this financial strain of her and support Golu’s surgery.


Anshul, eleven years old, from Haryana is suffering from a heart disorder – an Atrial Septal Defect and requires a device closure. His father Rajeev is a farmer and brings home Rs 7000 per month. They have reached out to us for financial support – to give their son’s beating heart a chance to live.