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The Story of Vijitha

This 2-day old baby girl was born to parents Renjith Kumar and Vijitha in the district of Pattanamthitta on 29th August 2018. Second born to the couple, baby of Vijitha was diagnosed with congenital heart disease antenatally at the ninth month of the pregnancy, even before she was born.
During the mother’s pregnancy, the doctor at the local diagnostic center detected increase heart rate in fetus in a routine checkup. Read More

The Story of Deepa

A three-month-old baby boy was born in the district of Tirunelvelli, in Tamil Nadu on 13th April 2018, weighing only 2kg. He is the first born to the couple who were counting down to his arrival.

Their dreams of meeting their baby for the first time were shattered, when they were faced with seeing him struggle in ICU for three days due to poor weight gain and pre-term delivery. Read More

Kids Supported


On the 2nd of May 2003 Radhika and Ravi welcomed their second child into this world in their hometown of Palakkad district situated in Kerala. The newborn girl was named Rindhya.

Radhika had a normal delivery, and was relieved that it all seemed to have gone well. Rindhya’s elder brother Rahul was excited that he now had a little sister to play with and look after, an addition to the family.    Read More


Kiran, nine years old is the second child of Bachu Lal and Sanju. She is studying in class II in a government school in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh. Since birth Kiran has had a hole in between the lower chamber of the heart (VSD). After birth, she had frequent bouts of fever so her parents used to take her to a local doctor. During one such visit, the doctor found that she had an irregular heartbeat. Bachu Lal and Sanju were asked to go a hospital in a city for further treatment. Bachu Lal is working as a watch man in Mumbai. As time passed, Kiran showed signs of poor weight gain and breathlessness. Both parents took her to a government hospital in Mumbai where she was further referred to Jupiter Hospital for further management. An Echo was conducted and the exact nature of the disease was investigated – fortunately, the hole had good circumference so it was close in a Cath Lab using a device, by Dr Srinivas Rao a Pediatric Cardiologist. The cost of surgery was much too high for Bachu Lal, he works hard and brings home Rs 5000 per month – he just couldn’t find a way to meet the costs. The doctors at the hospital contacted us for help and we committed ourselves in financially supporting this case with the help of WPP India CSR Foundation

Mida Sherin

Mida Sherin, three years old from Kerala has been suffering from a heart disorder – Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA) where there is a hole present between the descending Aorta and Pulmonary Artery. She urgently requires a device closure at Amrita Hospital, in Kochi. The surgery has taken place and the hole was closed, however the family faced extreme hardship where the cost of surgery was concerned. Abdul Khadeer, the father earns Rs 5000 per month as a welder and he sought financial support for the treatment of his daughter.

Aarushi Gupta

Two year old Aarushi Gupta is the third child of Gudi and Trilok Gupta from Thane in Maharashtra, was born with a heart problem. When she was a year old, she developed a fever for which her parents took her to the district hospital for treatment. The doctor noticed that she was having trouble breathing and also had an irregular heartbeat. They were asked to consult a Pediatric Cardiologist. Trilok is a fruit seller by profession. One day he came in touch with a doctor from Jupiter Hospital. When he narrated his story to the doctor, the doctor asked Trilok to bring the child to Jupiter Hospital. The parents took the child to Jupiter Hospital. An echo was done and the diagnosis presented ASD (hole in between the upper chamber of heart). Luckily however, the hole had good margins and it was possible to close it with the help of a device. The parents were counselled for the procedure. With a monthly income of Rs 4000, it was not possible for the parents to arrange the money required for the procedure. With the support from our CSR partner - WPP India CSR Foundation we were able to help the family and fund the surgery.


Rasamma, sixteen years old from Tamil Nadu, studies in class XI and loves to cook. She is the eldest of her two siblings and has been diagnosed with a heart disorder – an Atrial Septal Defect and requires surgical closure. The procedure has been scheduled at Miot Hospital, in Chennai. Her father Murugan, is a labourer and earns Rs 5000 per month with which he cannot pay for surgery. We, at Genesis Foundation were contacted to financially support this case – and we are committed in doing so through The Aara Project.