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The Story of Amritha

Amritha is an eleven-year-old girl from Thrissur district in Kerala. She was born on the 7th of March 2007 in a low-income Malayali family, with an older sister, Athulya. Her father is the only earning member of her family, making ends meet by working as a driver. Her parents were extremely happy to welcome her into their small family, but their joy soon turned to worry as they noticed their infant daughter turning blue and breathless while feeding and crying. They were devastated when doctors at AIMS diagnosed a complex cyanotic CHD that was very difficult to treat and needed multiple major heart surgeries. Read More

The Story of Yash Mahakal

Seven-month-old Yash is the second child born to Jaideep and Samruddhi. He was brought to the cardiology evaluation unit due to the act that he was found to have difficulty in breathing as well as in taking feed. His weight gain was also poor, and he would cry continually. His pediatrician suspected a heart disease and hence referred the baby to Jupiter Hospital for an evaluation. The cardiology team examined Yash during one of their outreach OPDs at Dombivili, Maharashtra, where Dr Srinivasan L, performed an echocardiogram Read More

The Story of John

Fifteen-year-old John is the fourth of six children of Dhanam and Vadivel, from Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. Studying in the 11th standard, a routine school health check-up revealed a murmur in his heart. The doctor referred John to Miot Hospital in Chennai for further evaluation.

At Miot Hospital, an echo was conducted which showed that John was suffering from a complex congenital heart defect; a severe form of Ebstein’s Anomaly with a large ASD. Read More

Kids Supported

Aarushi Gupta

Two year old Aarushi Gupta is the third child of Gudi and Trilok Gupta from Thane in Maharashtra, was born with a heart problem. When she was a year old, she developed a fever for which her parents took her to the district hospital for treatment. The doctor noticed that she was having trouble breathing and also had an irregular heartbeat. They were asked to consult a Pediatric Cardiologist. Trilok is a fruit seller by profession. One day he came in touch with a doctor from Jupiter Hospital. When he narrated his story to the doctor, the doctor asked Trilok to bring the child to Jupiter Hospital. The parents took the child to Jupiter Hospital. An echo was done and the diagnosis presented ASD (hole in between the upper chamber of heart). Luckily however, the hole had good margins and it was possible to close it with the help of a device. The parents were counselled for the procedure. With a monthly income of Rs 4000, it was not possible for the parents to arrange the money required for the procedure. With the support from our CSR partner - WPP India CSR Foundation we were able to help the family and fund the surgery.


Anupriya, is a little five year old girl from Tirutani who comes from a family that work hard but struggle on a day-to-day basis. Her father is an auto driver, and mother a house wife and she is the middle child in the family. Anupriya had been diagnosed with a congenital heart disorder and her mother had noticed poor weight gain and developmental delay. At the age of five, she cannot walk – however her social development and speech is normal. She has been unable to attend school and came to the attention of Miot Hospital during a recent outreach camp at Thiruvallur General Hospital. This is where she was diagnosed with Tricuspid Atresia with severe Pulmonary Stenosis which means that the right ventricle and the tricuspid valve are extremely under-developed resulting in very little blood flow to the lungs leading to poor oxygenation. The medical team were clear she needed immediate open-heart surgery. She was admitted to Miot Centre for Children’s Cardiac Care in Chennai where she underwent Cardiac Catheterization. A few hours after which she developed a cyanotic spell which was almost life threatening due to dangerously low levels of oxygen so Anupriya had to be put on ventilator support. With the help of our partnership with WPP India CSR Foundation, they were able to carry out a Bidirectional Glenn surgery and she steadily recovered back to her happy, cheerful self.


Tejashree, one year old from Tamil Nadu, is suffering from a Heart Disorder and needs a Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) Correction as she has a hole in the lowerchamber of the heart along with narrowing of the pulmonary valve. This is scheduled at Miot Hospital, in Chennai. Her father Kavi, is a laborer, and mother Shenbagavalli, is a housewife. They make do every month on a salary of Rs 4000, eery day is a struggle. Accumulating the funds needed to save their daughter’s life is a herculean task, and they need financial support.

Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar, one month old from Bihar has a congenital heart disorder where there is severe narrowing of the pulmonary valve (known as pulmonary stenosis). He has undergone surgery – a balloon pulmonary valvotomy at Apollo hospital, in Delhi which was financially supported by us. Ram’s father Mohan is a farmer and earns Rs 3500 per month. The cost of surgery was much too high for Ram, gathering such funds was understandably impossible.

Nihal Abdulla

Nihal Abdulla, only 3 months old was born in Kerala where he lives with his family. He was born as a blue baby, suffering from a heart disorder. The doctors diagnosed it as Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA) with Aortic Arch obstruction. In this problem the two main arteries of the body originate from the wrong chambers of the heart. In addition to this, Nihal also had an obstruction in the Aorta which carries pure bloody in the body. His parents Ayishath and Abdul Rahman showed him to a local physician who put him on some medication so his parents felt assured that he was going to get better. One day he turned extremely blue and started gasping for breath, the doctor then told his parents that they need to take him to Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, in Kochi. Nihal was finally operated on and on a road to recovery as the surgery went off well. Getting together the funds for the surgery were close to impossible for Abdul Rahman. He was left helpless, as he is the sole provider for the family. He works hard as a driver and brings home Rs 5000 per month with which it was impossible to make the payments necessary to save his son’s life.