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Story of Navinasri

Navinasri is the second child of Sumathi and Yeasu Raja Sivanandham from Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. She was born on 10th December 2015 in a government hospital in Thanjavaur. Currently she is 4 years old. She has an elder sister (6 years old) and a younger brother (who is 2 years old.) Her elder sister is studying in 1st standard in a Government school.
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Story of Muhammed Riban Malik

At 16 days old, Muhammed Riban Malik is the second child of Fathimath Rukshana and Abdul Muneer M from Kasaragod,Kerala. He was born in a private hospital with a birth weight of 3.4 kilograms. Riban also has an elder sister who is 4 years old.
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Kids Supported

Baby of Usha Kate

Baby of Usha Kate is just twenty six days old and the only child of Usha and Trimake Kate, from Beed district in Maharashtra. Immediately after birth the baby turned blue and doctors suspected that the child was having a heart problem. After being discharged after four days, the baby was transferred to a private hospital in the same district. Here an echo was carried out and showed that the baby was suffering from a complex heart problem; transposition of great arteries (TGA). In this condition the two great vessels of the body arise from the wrong chambers of the heart.; the aorta originates from the right ventricle and the pulmonary artery from the left ventricle. Hence there is less flow of pure blood in the body and the oxygen content is also low. After initial stabilization, the opinion of a paediatric cardiologist was sought. They decided to perform a Balloon Atrial Septostomy (BAS). In this procedure, a hole is created between the upper chambers of the heart (ASD). As a result of this hole, more blood flows to the lungs to get purified and the oxygen content in the body improves. The parents were told that the child needs a major open-heart surgery in Mumbai. Trimake is a famer earning Rs 4000 per month, and hence was tense as to how he would be able to afford the cost of the surgery. The local doctor then referred them to SRCC NH Children's hospital in Mumbai. Here an echo was carried out once more and parents were assured of financial assistance by us, with the support from our CSR partner - WPP India CSR Foundation. The baby underwent an arterial switch operation, and is now doing well.


Virat, four years old from Udaipur, is suffering from a congenital heart disorder known as Tetralogy of Fallot and requires surgery in Max Hospital, in Delhi. His mother Reena stays at home and looks after three children she has with Amar, her husband. Amar works in a housekeeping agency and earns Rs 5000 per month. Naturally, despite his money being hard earned he is unable to afford surgery which is expensive to save his son’s life.

M Jananika

M Jananika, seven months old is the second child to Manikandan and Mageshwari who belong to Thirvullar district in Tamil Nadu. Only one month after birth she developed pneumonia so her parents rushed her to a district hospital where the pediatrician detected an irregular heartbeat. She was prescribed some medicine, and asked to come for a follow-up after two months. The doctors from Miot Hospital conduct outreach programs at the district hosoital in Thirvullar, so Manikandan took his daughter. An Echo showed that she had a large hole in the lower chamber of the heart (VSD) and it was clear that surgery was the only life-saving option for the child. Manikandan is a labourer who earns Rs 6000 per month and was in no position to pay for surgery. We agreed to pay for the surgery with the support from WPP India CSR Foundation, so the parents came to Chennai for surgery. She has been operated since, and is thankfully doing well. Her parents aspire for their daughter to be a doctor so she can help other children who have also suffered from cardiac disorders.

Chetan Mahajan

Chetan Mahajan, seven years old studies in class III and is the third son to Yogeshwar and Sunita. Around two years ago Chetan fell extremely ill so his parents rushed him to a government hospital in Jalgaon. The doctors prescribed medicines but a few months later the fever came back, so they returned looking for answers. They were requested to take Chetan to the outreach OPD which is conducted by Jupiter Hospital, where an Echo was conducted. The nature of the problem came to light, as they found multiple holes in between the lower chambers of the heart. He was given medication again and told to visit Mumbai for a more detailed check-up. He went back on medication for six months after which his parents took him to Mumbai to Jupiter Hospital. Fortunately, there was no requirement for an open-heart surgery as the holes could be closed in a Cath Lab with the help of a device. Yogeshwar, is a labourer without any fixed monthly income so the cost of this procedure was something which was well above his means. With the support from WPP India CSR Foundation we were able to financially support Chetan’s procedure which was conducted, and he was discharged in a stable condition. This little boy has dreams of taking up Agriculture as a profession, and we hope that we have helped pave this way for him – a brighter, healthier future ahead

Apurva Khadtale

Apruva Khadtale, only five months old from Nashik was born with a complex heart disorder called Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection (TAPVC). After birth she showed difficulty in breathing and also in taking feed. Slowly with time, she started also turning blue. Her parents Abhijit and Poonam took her to a local pediatrican who confirmed that the baby was suffering from a heart problem and he advised them both to take her to Mumbai for further treatment. Both Abhijit and Poonam were totally lost on what their next steps should be. Every day is a struggle for them, and now things seemed even harder than before. They had so many questions, yet no answers. In TAPVC, the Pulmonary Veins from the lungs terminate in the right atrium instead of the left. As a result of this, the pure and impure blood mix and less oxygenated blood flows in the body. Also, the right side of the heart is enlarged as there is excess blood flow to the right side. The doctors from Jupiter Hospital go to Nashik as a part of their outreach program. Their pediatrician got in touch with the parents and asked them to consult the pediatric cardiologist from upiter Hospital. An Echo was conducted and the same diagnosis was made. The parents were counseled and told that surgery was the only option to save their child. Abhijit, was not in the position to afford the cost of surgery – it was too steep for him as he earned Rs 5000 per month as a guard in a factory with which he supports his wife and two children. The child was operated at Jupiter Hospital, and has had the surgery. He is now on a road to recovery with thanks to the support you have shown towards our cause to Save Little Hearts.