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Abhay: The Story of A Fearless Survivor

16 Jan, 2020

Ever since I found out I would be interning with Genesis Foundation I was very keen on finding out more about the children and the families the foundation has impacted. ...Read More

Have a Heart – Do Your Part

9 Jan, 2020

India is a country known for its culture, diversity, food, and now, its air pollution. 2019 saw an exorbitant spike in pollutants in the air, so much that we broke the air quality index by reaching numbers it didn't even account for. ...Read More

Learning about AV Canal Defects

26 Dec, 2019

When we work in the space of Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) as technical as it can be to understand each defect, it is crucial we do, so the work that we do as a child health care foundation with a focus on little hearts. ...Read More

Dr Robert Baird enables us to impact lives like Mythili

20 Dec, 2019

Seventeen year old P Mythili is the youngest member of the family, her brother is elder by two years – he is nineteen and has led a healthy life. Mythili was a Christmas baby! She was born on Christmas Eve in 2002 at a Government Hospital in their home town – Coimbatore. ...Read More

When money can buy happiness

11 Dec, 2019

In India, statistics show that 35,000 children are born with a cleft lip and considering a birth prevalence of 9/1000, the estimated number of children born with CHD is more than 200,000 annually.As he came into this world on 23rd January 2016, Vedansh became one of these children. Born with two birth defects, he was a special case, one we dedicated ourselves to, to bring a smile. ...Read More

Saving Mayuri’s life with support from K&S Partners

5 Dec, 2019

Our Foundation is always looking at expanding our network of CSR support and donors who are aligned with our cause to Save Little Hearts. We work towards our mission, a future where India is devoid of CHD related deaths that occur within children. ...Read More

Change is in the air

26 Nov, 2019

ongenital heart disease is the most frequent congenital defect and accounts for significant morbidity and mortality. The responsibility to reduce this human suffering and the financial burden cannot be underestimated. This can be effectively achieved if we could reduce the incidence of congenital heart disease and fetal echocardiography sets out to do just that. ...Read More

“We are born of love; love is our mother” Rumi

8 Nov, 2019

At Genesis Foundation, where I have spent the last four years working, we focus on treatment of critically ill children, in the recent years in the area of only congenital heart defects.We believe that for each employee and volunteer at the Foundation, visiting a treated child at the hospital is truly the core of our work. ...Read More

Beyond the call of duty Story about the caregivers

17 Oct, 2019

Sometimes a cry for help is heard by one from whom you least expect it, a stranger. Someone you didn’t know could play such an indelible role that you will be forever grateful ...Read More

Learning the abc of ALCAPA

19 Sep, 2019

It is a condition where the left main coronary artery rises from the pulmonary artery instead of the aorta. It supplies oxygen rich blood to the left side of the heart and the mitral valve. Here, collaterals arising from the right coronary artery feed the left coronary artery territory. ...Read More

Dhrishti- the light at the end of the tunnel the story of a father’s perseverance to save his daughter’s little heart

10 Sep, 2019

She greeted me with a glint in her eyes and an inquisitive smile as she saw the gift in my hand, wrapped in red glossy paper. She didn’t give the slightest hint of the ordeal she had gone through since birth. ...Read More

Genesis Foundation – a children’s healthcare Foundation helps in saving a critically ill neonate due for an emergency arterial switch operation

27 Aug, 2019

This is an actual story of a 21 days old male newborn child, weight 2.8 kg (Baby of Rajalakshmi). This child was born on 15th July 2019 at Tirupur Government hospital, in Tirupur District, Tamil Nadu as a full-term normal delivery. The child parents.. ...Read More

Learning About An AP Window

6 Aug, 2019

We, at Genesis Foundation support children suffering from congenital heart defects, including neonates who require urgent and critical care. Over the years we have been able to support many types of defects that come under CHD and AP window is one of them. Over the last three years, we have supported at least 12 such cases. ...Read More

Bringing care to the doorstep in Cuddalore with Miot Hospital

24 Jul, 2019

Cuddalore is a district in the Southern state of Tamil Nadu, an old port city, famous for its temples. It boasts a literacy rate of 79 per cent and a gender ratio of 984 females per 1000 males. ...Read More

The power of a community

26 Jun, 2019

Five-month old Satyam and his family originally hail from Gaya, Bihar. The family has spent their recent years living in Gurugram as Mantu Das, the boys’ father is a cab driver for the employees of a leading media group. He earns Rs 9000 per month with which ...Read More

Rest in Peace – Baby of Preethi

10 Jun, 2019

The inevitability of life is that nothing is ever for certain, nothing is set in stone. But as citizens of this world what truly gives us a good night’s sleep? Knowing that we are doing our best, perhaps? ...Read More

A universal language

7 May, 2019

Nestled on the Eastern banks of the Godavari river lies a small city called Rajahmundry in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The river itself is the second largest river in the country. ...Read More

8 Reasons Why Kasauli is the place to be this Easter long Weekend 2019

9 Apr, 2019

Don’t miss out on Genesis Foundation’s flagship musical festival fund-raiser coming up this Easter long weekend. With a vision to bring together music lovers ...Read More

Are you CHD Aware this month?

22 Feb, 2019

Everyone knows the month of February is a month for hearts.For some it is their own hearts, and for others a matter of other hearts. Let me try and explain what I mean by this… ...Read More

Window to an unknown world

8 Feb, 2019

A daily life, by blessings of the supreme power that's full of humdrum, a busy home, a running kitchen, children's routines, responsibility of the elders and an exciting set of friends is what made up my daily routine. I was happy and... ...Read More

A mother’s instinct

25 Jan, 2019

I will never forget 14th April 2013, a day that changed my life forever. It was also the day that my learning for Congenital Heart Defects began. My little boy Jack was just ten days old when he was admitted to our local children’s hospital ...Read More

Surviving a Ventricular Septal Defect

16 Jan, 2019

I was born in Pune, my name is Hemant Gokhale and from the time of my birth I was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect called a Ventricular Septal Defect. In this particular ...Read More

Understanding Ebstein's Anomaly

14 Dec, 2018

As a Foundation working for children whose lives are on the lines due to Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) it is important for us to understand the various types of CHD that can and have affected the ...Read More

Dylan’s story

30 Nov, 2018

Every parent of a child who suffers from a life threatening disease such as Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) has pain – but a story of pure courage to tell. ...Read More

Learning about Transposition of Great Arteries

23 Nov, 2018

At Genesis Foundation, we get various referral cases of children that urgently require congenital heart disorder treatment and without it the plain truth is, they won’t live. A common malformation we have seen in many of the cases we get is Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA). ...Read More

Conversation with the finest Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

16 Nov, 2018

On the early evening of November 1st, this year, I was fortunate enough to catch Dr V Mohan Reddy, MD (Chief of the Division of Pediatric Cardiothoracic Surgery at UCSF and Co-Director of the Pediatric Heart Center at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital – San Francisco) . ...Read More

My Anjali…..

2 Nov, 2018

Written on behalf of Anjali’s mother – Aman. There were various interviews that took place between the Genesis Foundation team and both parents. ...Read More

Here’s Help - A positive look at Congenital Heart Diseases

26 Oct, 2018

For all parents to whom we break the news that their kid has a Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) it sounds like the worst that they could ever hear about their kid’s health. ...Read More

Even Scars can be Beautiful: A Story of a Modern Day Teen Warrior

12 Oct, 2018

Our HOPE team at Genesis Foundation looks to stay connected to people within India and across the globe who share their personal experiences about Congenital Heart Defects. ...Read More

The Invisible Children: The Burden of Heart Disease in Children in India

5 Oct, 2018

Congenital heart defects (CHD) are a group of defects involving the structure of the heart and heart vessels. They are the world’s most common major birth defect, affecting 1 in 120 children globally. ...Read More

World Heart Day - Vandana’s Victory

28 Sep, 2018

On World Heart Day, let’s take a moment to think of all the kids in the world, and most importantly where we live in India who suffer from Congenital Heart Defects. ...Read More

Vignettes of a Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist in India

20 Sep, 2018

Brevity is not done, clarity is in the details. Celebrations have other motifs; only the undying passion is the constant impetus ...Read More

From Give and Take to Give and Get: A CFO’s Journey

13 Sep, 2018

The best way to Get is by Giving. God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give with. The more the hand that gives is busy, the more will you be blessed and will get in abundance. ...Read More

One Heart Mom’s Experience

6 Sep, 2018

“Your son has a heart defect. There’s no way we can treat him here. Where do you want to go?” Those were the words that changed my life. It was October 1994 and my son was in congestive heart failure. ...Read More

Journey of a Cardiac Soldier

30 Aug, 2018

My very first congenital heart defect treatment was at the Mafraq Hospital in Abu Dhabi when I was just 15 days old. I do not have any memories of that time, but I understood later from my parents that I was born with my Aortic valve closed and my Mitral valve leaking. ...Read More

Genesis Foundation taking the benefit of recent advances in Pediatric Cardiac Intervention to the masses

23 Aug, 2018

Pediatric cardiology patients have been not catered to for many decades. With the evolution of scientific advancement in pediatric cardiac care, patients are being diagnosed and treated with excellent long-term results and get amalgamated in the society as regular citizens of the planet. ...Read More

An inspiring visit to Amrita Institute, Kochi

16 Aug, 2018

I joined Genesis Foundation in 2015 and since then have worked in multiple profiles like administration, accounts, event management etc. From September 2017 ...Read More

Why I Joined the Fight for CHD

9 Aug, 2018

Congenital Heart Defects refers to the structural heart defects during birth of a child. Worldwide, the incidence of Congenital Heart Defects (CHD) is 8 per 1000 live births. The exact cause for CHD cannot be ascertained. ...Read More

A Testimonial From a Special Donor

30 Jul, 2018

Mr V Vaidyanathan is one of Genesis Foundation’s long-time supporters- apart from performing at our CEO Sing for a Cause events, he has been a financial supporter as well since many years. ...Read More

The 3 As

27 Jul, 2018

Congenital Heart Defects... CHD as it is called... is a disorder of development in the structure of the heart, which has an incidence close to 1 in every 100 children who are born. ...Read More

An Eye-Opening Visit

20 Jul, 2018

One of our most recent CSR partners to have come on board is The Himalaya Drug Company, whose Head of International Ops Support and Logistics took ...Read More

A Difficult Date To Mark!

11 Jul, 2018

And it definitely can be an awfully difficult one when the date marks itself as a “death anniversary” of your child. ...Read More

The GF and WPP India Partnership

5 Jul, 2018

India Partnership A lot of us are afraid to visit a hospital. It always reminds us of our fear of the inevitable. But these same hospitals have a renewed meaning in the lives of young children as they survive through one the foremost causes of child mortality ...Read More

Meeting Vandana and Tani

5 Jul, 2018

When Vandana entered the doctor’s chamber, the entire room lit up. She was chirping away in her sweet voice about how she had been feeling since her heart surgery, which was just few weeks ago. ...Read More

A Heart to Heart With Our Little Hearts' Fathers!

15 Jun, 2018

In our stories about the little hearts we've saved you've probably come across a paragraph that cites the income of the father, who is often the sole breadwinner of the family, with often not just his wife and children, but also his parents dependent on the small income he brings home each month. ...Read More

A Child with Heart Disease is Financially Orphaned

8 Jun, 2018

Cardiologist, Jupiter Hospital, Mumbai India is a land of diversity. The country has produced best quality doctors and yet the health care indices compares to the worst. A child born with heart disease in India has several issues. ...Read More

The Zen Factor

8 Jun, 2018

At Genesis Foundation we are guided by these words of Mother Teresa, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Each contribution ...Read More

Decoding some ABC’s of CHD’s

31 May, 2018

All the stories that we put up about the children that we’ve helped contain medical terminology that may as well be Greek to a lot of our supporters. Genesis Foundation works in the sphere of Congenital Heart Defect Treatment so that children in need of financial support for their surgeries are given a chance to beat the illness and live. ...Read More

Genesis Initiative: Caring for little hearts

24 May, 2018

Congenital heart disease is the most common but often undetected contributory factor to infant mortality, world-over. The approximate incidence of CHD id 8-9/1000 live birth and 5% of these patients are categorized as critical congenital heart disease. If these babies can be detected early and can be referred to tertiary care centre at appropriate time, they can be saved and may have a productive life. ...Read More

Its all in our heart!

23 May, 2018

My husband & I have been self-made professionals for more than a decade. Have had the privilege of being educated in some of the premier institutions, found jobs and have been doing well to sustain ourselves and even indulge at times. Our experiences and exposure have helped us being aware of the world around us, and perhaps we assumed we belong to the “well aware” category. ...Read More

Part I: How to know if your unborn child is at risk for a CHD

7 May, 2018

Getting pregnant, and getting ready to welcome a new life into the world is both exciting and terrifying in equal amounts. With Genesis Foundation’s focus on CHD, we have collated some quick facts to refer to if you’re an expecting mother or planning to get pregnant in order to know whether your child may be at risk of CHD, and the questions you should be asking your gynaecologist during your ultrasound, to ensure you baby is growing healthy inside you. ...Read More

Part II: For Your Heart That Beats Outside of Your Body

7 May, 2018

Having a child someone once said, is like having your heart placed outside your body. But what happens when this second heart of yours is unwell? When its beats are not beating a regular rhythm? How do you protect this second heart of yours? And more importantly how do you take care of yourself, so you can be there for this little heart? ...Read More

Music in your hearts

18 Apr, 2018

We’re fresh off an invigorating long weekend spent at our annual fundraiser, the Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival 2018, which reinforced our belief that there are lots of giving hearts in the world, and we are so glad we got to celebrate this spirit of giving with the universal language of music. ...Read More

Giving: A Tale as Old as Time

18 Apr, 2018

In its original form, the word philanthropy, from the Greek philanthropia,implied a love towards humankind. The word’s meaning has changed over time, but the fact of the matter is that the continuity and progress of human civilization has arisen from humans working together and the kindness of strangers. ...Read More

DoctorSpeak: Our medical advisory board shares their insights on Pediatric Cardiology

17 Apr, 2018

We introduce to you three remarkable doctors on our medical advisory board – Dr K Shivaprakash, Dr KS Dagar and Dr Krishna Kumar. They share with us their views and knowledge on the state of pediatric cardiology in India. Such first-hand insight has opened our eyes in many ways. On one hand, it is obvious that the situation is dire and there is a lot to be done as we are paving a way every single day to Save Little Hearts. ...Read More

Words from a CHD Survivor

17 Apr, 2018

While being born with a Congenital Heart Defect (CHD) is a difficult place to be in, the blessing is that the treatment for it, while expensive, ensures that one can move forward to live a fulfilling life devoid of health complications. In 1990, I was operated upon by Dr KM Cherian and a team of Czechoslovakian doctors for my CHD condition; Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA) via the Senning procedure. ...Read More

Queen of Hearts: The Situation Facing Girls Needing Access to Cardiac Care

8 Mar, 2018

At Genesis Foundation, we work towards helping children with congenital heart disorders (CHD) who cannot access life-saving medical procedures due to a lack of financial resources. Each child’s life is precious, and they deserve a shot at life unencumbered by health complications, and a childhood filled with schoolyard games instead of hospital beds. ...Read More

How Genesis Foundation Helped me be of Service to Kids in Need

7 Mar, 2018

I have always been told that giving is good. Why? Because we offer help to those who need help. But seeing my mother volunteer with Genesis Foundation (GF), a not for profit and my association with GF got me thinking – isn’t real help helping someone with what he or she needs? And on thinking further, I realised that it’s a simple concept – the help should satisfy the person being helped and not the helper alone. ...Read More

There are many little Anshul’s out there waiting for a chance to live. Find out what Jyoti Sagar has to say

5 Mar, 2018

As a baby pushes its way out into this world, and takes that first tentative cry, a million dreams take birth in the hearts of the parents. ...Read More

My experience of witnessing the true spirit of the little hearts, by Mr.Vinu Cheriyan, CFO and Director (Operations), Sennheiser, India

9 Jan, 2018

It is that time of the year where we celebrate with our friends and family by thanking the year that went by and welcome the beautiful New Year. I generally spend this time planning the next year ahead for my organisation, mapping the next year for my family and myself. ...Read More

Have you ever been to Kochi? Read how I experienced a different side as a volunteer at Genesis Foundation

15 Nov, 2017

This was my first time in Kochi, and I was exploring a different side. In my mind, something far more important, as I was about to give a piece of my heart away for a cause I truly believe in – Genesis Foundation. I was enroute to Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences. ...Read More

Save Little Hearts: How to Make an Impact Where It Matters Most

28 Sep, 2017

When we reached her home in Baliyawas (about 30 kms from Gurugram) in the afternoon, Anjali was fast asleep, unaware of the large group of us who were eagerly waiting to meet the little girl. ...Read More

Salute Courage of Li’l Fighters With Heart Defects: Sanjay Kapoor

31 Jul, 2017

God has been very kind to my family and me – He has given us an opportunity to give back to society in our small way, and that is what we have been doing. However, I often felt that there was so much more that we could do directly and indirectly. ...Read More

Privilege and Joy of Giving: A Journey from the ICU to Recovery

11 Apr, 2017

Giving. It’s a word made banal by cause marketing campaigns subverting the concept in the process of tugging at heart-strings to pull at purse strings. ...Read More

Prema Sagar - A Big Fight To Save Little Hearts

19 Dec, 2016

Each day I am reminded of how deeply flawed our world is. Power, greed and sometimes sheer neglect has resulted in so much human suffering, it hurts my heart and soul just to think about it. ...Read More

Sanjay Modi’s Life-Altering Experience With the Genesis Foundation

23 Nov, 2016

This is a series of blog posts by eminent people from different walks of life focused on the act of ‘giving’, talking about their experiences and how ‘giving’ adds value to their life. The series is a result of experiences curated by Genesis Foundation, a not-for-profit that facilitates medical treatment for critically ill underprivileged children in the areas of Heart, Cancer & Thalassemia. ...Read More

Tisca Chopra and the Art of Living by Giving

7 Sep, 2016

Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. This quote resonates with me as it highlights the power of giving. I believe that giving is not limited to monetary gifts. In fact, giving your time can be one of the most precious gifts given to a person. ...Read More

Dia Mirza and the Art of Living By Giving

15 Aug, 2016

‘Give’, ‘share’, ‘care’ are words we have all heard preached and been taught to practice ever since we gained an understanding of the meaning of words. But growing up from that child we were to adults, have we somewhere forgotten to use these words as a meaningful practice? ...Read More