Our Story

Genesis Foundation, a nonprofit organization in India, made a modest beginning in 2001 as a private trust to facilitate critical medical care for abandoned and lesser privileged children. Since then, we have not looked back. Steered with our faith in the magic of warmth, courage and optimism, we help these special children discover a world without boundaries or fear by partnering with hospitals, orphanages, organizations and likeminded people.

Join us and be a part of our non-profit organization and help a child in need. Donate for children and help bring a smile to their face. Together we can create a better and healthier world and a bright future for the country.

Simply put, we build Hope, we reinforce Care and we share Smiles.

It is the spirit of caring and concern that lies at the core of Genesis Foundation.

The experiences of our children exemplify the potential of human endeavour,even a drop at a time makes an amazing difference in the life of another human being. True stories that defy fiction, these begin with the desperation of sheer hopelessness and carry you through happy endings to confirm the power of human concern.

Meet the first two members of Genesis Foundation’s world, children whose lives give us our daily inspiration to believe that we can Make a Difference.

Since the start there are many children who have benefited by the support extended by our non-profit organization. Each child warms our world with their innocence leaving a deep impact.

More children benefit from simple interventions, waiting for a miracle to happen and change the course of their life forever.