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The Story of Rindhya - A Survivor

On the 2nd of May 2003 Radhika and Ravi welcomed their second child into this world in their hometown of Palakkad district situated in Kerala. The newborn girl was named Rindhya.

Radhika had a normal delivery, and was relieved that it all seemed to have gone well. Rindhya’s elder brother Rahul was excited that he now had a little sister to play with and look after, an addition to the family.

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The Story of Shivam

A few volunteers, including me were at the hospital waiting for some kids who were scheduled to arrive from Agra for their preliminary check-ups, all showing signs of suffering from heart disorder.

Shivam arrived with his father, he could hardly walk, his lips blue, and panting for air. He was curled up in fetal position, and extremely uncomfortable.

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Baby of Jinu

Baby of Jinu, 1 year old from Palghar has been suffering from pediatric hepatoblastoma, a form of cancer at such a young age requires chemotherapy and surgery, at BaiJerbaiWadia Hospital for Children, Mumbai. Her father Sanjay and mother Jinu survive on an income of Rs 4000 that her husband earns as a farm labourer. They have three children, so making ends meet every month is a real struggle.


Kasinadhan, one month old is the only child to his parents living in Alapuzha district of Kerala. He was born with a hole in the lower chamber of the heart, VSD. After fifteen days of being born, he had fever and difficulty in breathing. The local doctor referred the parents to Amrita Institute for further management. An echo conducted confirmed the earlier diagnosis as VSD. The child was admitted and stabilized and his parents were also counseled for surgery. His father earns roughly Rs.4,000 per month working as a driver – the costs of surgery were naturally beyond his means so the doctor called Genesis Foundation for financial support. The child was operated and is doing well.


Krish, 9 years old from Haryana, is suffering from a cardiac disorder, and requires surgical closure of a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) at Jaypee Hospital, in Noida. His mother Sandhya is a housewife, and looks after the three children. Sunil Kumar, his father works in a rice market and earns Rs 8000 per month. With a fairly large family it is close to impossible for Sunil to put together the funds required for Krish’s surgery and needs financial support.


Elantherian is 12 years old and is in class 8, and goes to school in his hometown in Tamil Nadu. He was born with a heart problem in which one side of the heart was not fully functional. He underwent a palliative surgery called BT Shunt, 3 years ago in which Superior Vena Cava is directly connected to Pulmonary Artery, bypassing the heart and some of the pressure on the heart is relived. Now he is to undergo the final stage surgery called Fontan. In this surgery a tube is placed from the end point of Inferior Vena Cava to the lungs for carrying the de oxygenated blood. His father is a laborer earning Rs.4,000 per month and has not had the financial comfort to provide for the surgery for his son. Genesis Foundation has helped the family by offering financial support to ensure their son gets a chance to live a healthy, happy life.


Tiasha, 8 years from West Bengal, is suffering from Ewings Sarcoma (or cancer of the bones/soft tissue). She is undergoing treatment at the Tata Medical Center, Kolkata. Unfortunately,she is a relapsed case of malignancy after an earlier bout of Burkitt’s leukemia. Her treatment is expected to continue for a whole year and will include, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Tiasha’sfather works as an electrical mechanic earning only Rs4500 per month on which he needs to support his wife and young daughter. Very sadly, Tiasha had a twin sister who passed away. Naturally the parents are desperate to save the life of their now only childand need all the financial help they can get. The father is unable to continue with his job as he is in Kolkata organizing his daughter’s treatment.
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