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The Story of Amritha

Amritha is an eleven-year-old girl from Thrissur district in Kerala. She was born on the 7th of March 2007 in a low-income Malayali family, with an older sister, Athulya. Her father is the only earning member of her family, making ends meet by working as a driver. Her parents were extremely happy to welcome her into their small family, but their joy soon turned to worry as they noticed their infant daughter turning blue and breathless while feeding and crying. They were devastated when doctors at AIMS diagnosed a complex cyanotic CHD that was very difficult to treat and needed multiple major heart surgeries. Read More

The Story of Yash Mahakal

Seven-month-old Yash is the second child born to Jaideep and Samruddhi. He was brought to the cardiology evaluation unit due to the act that he was found to have difficulty in breathing as well as in taking feed. His weight gain was also poor, and he would cry continually. His pediatrician suspected a heart disease and hence referred the baby to Jupiter Hospital for an evaluation. The cardiology team examined Yash during one of their outreach OPDs at Dombivili, Maharashtra, where Dr Srinivasan L, performed an echocardiogram Read More

The Story of John

Fifteen-year-old John is the fourth of six children of Dhanam and Vadivel, from Thanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. Studying in the 11th standard, a routine school health check-up revealed a murmur in his heart. The doctor referred John to Miot Hospital in Chennai for further evaluation.

At Miot Hospital, an echo was conducted which showed that John was suffering from a complex congenital heart defect; a severe form of Ebstein’s Anomaly with a large ASD. Read More

Kids Supported


Eshal, eleven month old girl, from Kollam in Kerala is suffering from a heart disorder called tetralogy of fallot and was prescribed life-saving surgery at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, in Kochi. Eshal’s father Sajeer is a driver and earns Rs 7000 per month, with which it’s impossible for him to pay for surgery. The family requires financial support to give their daughter the treatment she rightly deserves to live.

Baby of Mufeeda

Only two days old, baby of Mufeeda was born in Malappuram and suffered from a congenital heart disorder called Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA). His father, a salesman earns Rs 8000 per month and naturally could not put together the funds required for the surgery – so reached out to us at Genesis Foundation. We were able to financially support the surgery – an Arterial Switch operation which was conducted at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, in Kochi.

Md Zaid

Md Zaid, nearly two years old is the second child to Tajkeera and Abu, who reside in Aligarh District, Uttar Pradesh. Zaid was born with a congenital heart disorder called Tetralogy of Fallot. Since birth he was a blue baby with low saturation levels. When he was just one month old, his parents noticed that he was not taking a feed with ease and was gasping. Then started the frequent bouts of pneumonia, so they found themselves in and out of the pediatricians clinic with lots of medication. Many months later, little Zaid fainted and was rushed to Aligarh Muslim University Hospital where he was admitted, revived and put back on medication. An Echo was also conducted which showed the exact nature of the disease and it was clear – surgery was the only saving grace. The parents were referred to Max Hospital, Delhi, but they could not afford surgery as Abu earned a humble salary of Rs 3500 per month as a labourer. With support from our donor Radha Chadha we were able to take this burden off the family and save Md Zaid’s little heart.

Amrita Chauhan

Amrita Chauhan was born on 11 November 2016 to parents Anju Devi and Chandrabhan Chauhan. Now she is ten months old and has been diagnosed with a life-threatening congenital Heart Disorder called Tetralogy of Fallot. The family live in Uttar Pradesh, and have been prescribed an open -heart surgery at such a young and tender age for intra cardiac repair. Chandrabhan after hearing this has been under immense pressure as he cannot afford surgery. He is a landless farmer with no fixed income, but at most he earns Rs 2000 per month. They were introduced to us at Genesis Foundation, and with the support from one of our special donors, we were able to relieve them off the financial pressure and Anita was operated on. She is now on a road to recovery.


Shrishati, is ten months old and lives in Maharshtra with her Barents and two brothers. She has been diagnosed with a congenital heart disorder called Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) where there is an opening between two blood vessels leading from the heart. This is life-threatening, and in her condition a PDA device closure has been suggested. Her father is a helper and earns Rs 5000 per month – with five mouths to feed, life is a struggle on a daily basis, high costs of surgery are unimaginable for the family. Our special donor Hitesh Gajaria, financially supported this case, for which we and the family are extremely grateful.