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Shivam, 4 years from Bihar, has a cardiac disorder and has been prescribed for aortic ballooning where there is narrowing of the aortic valve and it needs opening with the ballooning procedure at Apollo Hospital, in Delhi. Shivam’s father Suresh is a laborer and earns a monthly income of Rs 6000 with which he supports his four children and wife. They have two sons and two daughters – it’s almost impossible for Suresh to bring together the funds required for the surgery.

Baby of Aleena

2 days old from Kerala. The baby was very blue after birth with saturation of 50%. Doctors from the government hospital shifted the baby to Amrita Hospital for further evaluation and management. The baby’s echo result revealed an obstructive TAPVC – and this condition required immediate surgery. In TAPVC all the pulmonary veins form the lungs get terminated to the right atrium, instead of the left atrium. As a result of which there was decreased flow of pure blood in the body. The estimated cost of the surgery was unaffordable for the baby’s father, who was a fisherman and earned Rs.6000 per month. But thankfully, he reached out to GF and the baby was operated on immediately. The family was extremely grateful for the help rendered as their new-born baby now is ready to lead a normal, healthy, happy life.


12 years from Kalyanpur Village in Bihar, was suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia and had been undergoing treatment at Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital (Sion Hospital), Mumbai. His father who is a poor farm worker could not afford the treatment expense. Unfortunately, Avinash passed away during the course of the treatment.

Yashav Khurana

Yashav Khurana, 14 years old from Haryana studies in class 10 and has an older sister. Since birth he has had a cardiac disorder. He was diagnosed to have Tetralogy of Fallot at the government hospital in Rohtak. Doctors asked the parents to take the boy to Delhi for surgery. Yashav’s father is handicapped and is unable to work. His mother is a tailor, earning Rs.4,000 per month. It was not possible for them to collect the money required for the surgery. Doctors from Rohtak contacted Genesis Foundation for help. Yashav was taken to Max Hospital for further management. He was admitted for Cath, followed by surgery. The surgery was done and he is recovering. His parents are extremely grateful for Genesis Foundation and the support that was given to them in their desperate time of need.


Lovely, 12 years from Agra, is suffering from a cardiac disorder and requires a tetralogy of fallot (TOF) correction, which is a surgery scheduled to take place at Max Hospital, Delhi. Her father Rakesh is a salesman and earns a monthly salary of Rs 6000 with which he supports his five children – three girls and two boys, as well as his wife. Lovely attends school and is already dreaming about pursuing to be a nurse. To make these dream comes true her family and we at GF are committed to supporting the treatment she requires to be healthy and happy.
Jacqueline Fritschi Cornaz meets GF Kid Sumit at Max Hospital Delhi

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