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The Story of Priya Prajapati

Rita and Prabhu have three children – the eldest one is twelve-year-old, beautiful Priya Prajapati. Three years ago, Priya developed a high fever and was rushed to a local pediatrician for a diagnosis. The doctor prescribed medicines and noticed that she was showing difficulty in breathing. He recommended that Rita and Prabhu take her to consult with a cardiologist. Priya’s father took her to a government hospital in Varanasi, where they did an Echo and their world fell apart when they discovered their daughter was suffering from a heart disorder. Read More

The Story of Baby of Parvati

Parvati and Shyamji were elated to be expecting their first child. However, their happiness seemed short-lived. Their newborn daughter began to turn blue right after her first cry, as she came into this world. The doctors then told the couple, that their baby was suffering from a congenital heart defect. Though shocked, they were determined not to lose hope. They were willing to go the extra mile and do whatever was in their power to find answers. Read More

Kids Supported

Shagun Kumari

Shagun Kumari, is the second child born to Sanjeev and Rakhi, who live in Agra. She is six years old and is currently in Class I. Since the day she was born she has been suffering from a heart disorder. Only six months into the world she had a bout of pneumonia along with a chest infection. Her parents rushed her to hospital where she was given medicines and put on follow-up. These bouts of infection were recurrent and left both Sanjeev and Rakhi frustrated. Many years passed and they felt they had no choice but to deal with the infections as and when they came about. Only three months ago, a family friend informed them of doctors from Max Hospital who were visiting Agra, so they visited. An Echo was done which showed that Shagun had a hole in between the lower chamber of the heart, commonly known as a Ventricular Septal Defect. The doctors advised Sanjeev and Rakhi to bring their daughter to Delhi for a more detailed examination. When they reached Delhi, she underwent an angiography and other detailed investigations that Sanjeev couldn’t afford as he is a labourer and not in the position to fork out high medical costs. The doctors found that the hole will close on its own, so no procedure was done. However, the family needed financial support to cover the costs at the hospital during investigations and we were able to commit to that and support them.

Lochan Bhandari

Lochan Bhandari is now five years old, but when he was just one and a half he suffered from a bad bout of high fever. Both parents took him to a district hospital, but despite treatment the fever did not subside. They then went to a private hospital in Mumbai where the doctor advised the family to a higher facility for a thorough cardiac check-up. After running from hospital to hospital, and enduring the same response of a long waiting response and lack of their own funds they finally came to Fortis Hospital, in Raipur. The doctors here reviewed all reports and advised that he goes for a Ventricular Septal Defect and ICR surgery. Lochan’s father is a labourer and the sole earning member in the family. He could not afford surgery so sought financial support to get his son treated and well. Lochan’s surgery was supported by us and has been done, he is now doing well.

Baby of Thulsi

Baby of Thulsi, was born on 30 November 2017 in a remote village in Palakkad, Kerala. He was delivered in a Christian Welfare Hospital, where soon after birth the doctors identified breathlessness so he was taken to a Neonatal ICU. The baby was then shifted to EMS Memorial Hospital, where the congenital heart disorder was confirmed. The doctors referred the family to Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, so he was transported in an ambulance alongside his father. An echo was done and the diagnosis was confirmed – Transposition of Great Arteries (TGA). In this particular ailment, the two main blood vessels of the body, the aorta and pulmonary artery arise from the wrong chambers of the heart. He had to undergo an emergency arterial switch operation on 4th December 2017. The huge cost of surgery was a major concern for the family as the baby’s father Sooraj is the sole earning member of the family. He works in a local photo studio called Elite Studio and earns Rs 155 per day. There was very short notice to put together the funds required, and even if time was given it would have been a herculean task. We were able to take this financial burden off the parents so that they could focus on the recovery of their son.


Sadiya, was born in her home town through a normal delivery. She was detected with congenital heart disorder at birth itself. However they could not afford surgery so they were constantly looking for some source with could help. Her father Nurullah works as a labourer at a construction site, and supports a family of five including his elderly parents. The family currently live in Delhi and under the Umeed Dhadkan initiative they have requested for support. Sadiya has a hole in between the descending aorta and pulmonary artery (PDA) which was closed in a Cath Lab at Fortis Hospital, Faridabad thanks to the support we were able to give from Radha Chadha.


Reeyan was born with a hole in lower chamber of heart in government hospital in Faridabad. After couple of months, he had an episode of high fever. His parents took him to a local doctor who found that he was having an irregular heart beat and was referred to Max Hospital. Upon arrival at Max, an echo was conducted and the diagnosis was made - Reeyan had a large hole in lower chamber of his heart, Ventricular Septal Defect.